Under the sea

Red moon colors my room and I’m with you on a tree, under the sea
We are floating away from a city on a tree, under the sea

All these days

All these days, blown away
We left our pain, our graves
Your laugh, your daydreams, your skin
and these gloomy eyes, my ink


Two hours standing in front of you expecting something just, something new
But I lay down, my head to the burning floor
And I look into this magnificent blue land to see that there is no angel for me now
Church’s bell sings and I’m waiting, I need your love
I just want to be lying on the floor
I just want to sleep on the floor

So be it

Now I cry all the tears I’ve had since yesterday night
No more lullabies. I feel sorrow tonight, and forget all about it
So be it, so be it, if I have to lie, so be it
I hope you will find the truth you search, the love you’ve left
I shall wait for you, and dream about time with you
16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2
One love

The river

Between you and I there’s a river
I see. I cannot swim. My love, it’s a tragedy
I shall never be the one you love but know, my love, that I shall love you all the same
For all that you said
I shall never forget
Just love another one
Should I turn away from this sad river, girl
And should I have to let you outside of my world

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Release Date : 7 février 2013
Artist : bodie
Format : CD

All music and lyrics by BODIE
Recorded and mixed by François DUGUEST
Mastered at Studio ZOE H.
Portrait by William LACALMONTIE