Such as an oak
Your faith will grow
Just put all your heart
In all that you know

Use your dreams
And make them real
Burn black days
Don’t forget to seal

Rise to the sun
Find your direction
Rise to the sun
Throw yourself down into the hole

Such as an oak
Your faith will grow
Just put all your heart
In all that you know

Tell everyone
When I will leave the scene
All is one
And we grow in loving

The journey

Take my hand
We will float again
Up above the world
Close to the sun
And leave all your friends
Fighting for fun

Take my mind
Like the bird hooks the twig
We will travel the world
Lying on the floor
Because the kind lady takes us
The journey has begun

Take my hand
We float again
We can see the world
Close to the sun
And run through the stars
To beautiful lands

The grave

Bring me back to the shore
Deadly waves tear me away from you

Hear the bells of the Lord
Horns, drums and flutes

Bury me in front of the ocean
To see forever the sun shining
And sing Alleluia for my funeral
A delightful caress on my grave


Frances in heaven
Our heart is torn next to the tree
Oh God believe me
Beware of this little darling you’ll see
She sure has met the old Louis
And kissed him as if she was twenty

Shine high

Sleep tight old mommy
Your son has waited so long
For your coming he will be there
And maybe he will sing you a song
Give my best regards to him
To your child I have never known

Shine high

Here comes the light

My love
See what I have done
See all the colors
Of the sun
Shining above
The sea and the horses

Far ahead it is moving
The end, withdrawing

Here comes the light
Of our existence
Of the lost candle

Rebirth, my beautiful angel
With me from the burgeoning love
In lands, created together
I dream on, tomorrow and after

My queen, my beloved my diamond
A sparrow is singing for us
Closer, closer to my hand
I will embroider your days with gold

Dark night

Wake me
From my nightmares

Am I still dreaming
You hold and kiss me
And deliver me from
Dark night and enemies

The kiss

I will cover you by flowers caught on my way
And I will lose my thoughts in the sea and the land of your eyes
Swim with me it is not the time to fly
Kiss me long in the depths of the hay

Do not stand at my grave and weep

(Text by Mary Elizabeth Frye)

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there, I do not sleep
I am in a thousand winds that blow
I am the softly falling snow

I am in the morning hush
I am in the graceful rush
Oh beautiful birds in circling flight
I am the starshine of the night

I am in a flower that bloom
I am in a quiet room
I am in the birds that sing
I am in each lovely thing

I am the gentle showers of rain
I am the fields of ripening grain
Do not stand at my grave and cry
I am not there. I do not die

The milky way

Find the way
And love when I will be gone
I will be forever among the stars
Sleeping on the milky way

For now I take my time
In your eyes I am alive
For now I take my time
And pray it last forever

When the flowers grew

First a smile
Then a kiss
My whispers merged with your lips
My hand on your neck and time disappears
Our games
Our days

The times we had
When the flowers grew
Next to the cliffs
Were such good times

You are fading away and I compare you to the wind
And I know I will never forget
Your long curly hairs you threw in the air
And your dance for me

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See you

Release Date : 29 novembre 2019
Artist : bodie
Format : CD

Realised and recorded by Thomas NOËL (2012 – 2018)

Drum played and recorded by Jean Deflandre
Mixed by Neom Factory.
Mastered by Question de Son

Voices : Thomas NOËL
Guitar : Thomas NOËL and Hugo MOERMAN
Bass : Thomas NOËL
Ukulele : Thomas NOËL
Keys : Thomas NOËL

All songs written and composed by Thomas NOËL

Except : « The journey » music by Thomas NOËL and Hugo MOERMAN
« Here comes the light » music by Thomas NOËL and Hugo MOERMAN
« Do not stand at my grave and weep »
music by Thomas NOËL and Hugo MOERMAN and text by Mary Elizabeth FRYE
« The milky way » music by Thomas NOËL and Hugo MOERMAN

Artwork by David FITT

Thanks to : Camille Pauthier, Jean Deflandre, David Fitt, Zoé H, Francois Duguest, Alex Mouchel, William Oger, Julia Canuet, Joseph Achoury Klejman, Andy Julia, Daniel Armand, Anaïs Rebuffel, Léa Lotz, Olivier Maignan, all our friends and families

In memory of Françoise, Bernies, Bernard and Jean