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Thomas NOËL, a classically trained guitarist from Saint-Malo (Brittany), gave birth to the solo project BODIE in 2011.

Inspired by the ghost town located in California, on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada and impregnated with a folk-rock culture, a debut EP « First » composed of five tracks is created in home-studio. Combining saturated guitars and clear vocals supported by layers of choirs, it is presented as a synthesis of his musical and cinematographic influences.
It’s a caress that becomes a slap, an arpeggio that turns into a riff, nostalgia that turns into brilliance, without ever having these boundaries clearly defined, because all this is felt in a few minutes, with finesse and sincerity. Obviously, to touch such a balance requires time: six years of refinement and reveries, often sweet and bitter, which allowed the members of Bodie (Thomas Noël, Hugo Moerman) to give birth to See You, a first modest and moving album which marries celestial folk, ethereal vocal harmonies and contemplative shoegaze.
Bodie never asserts; Bodie suggests, whispers, evokes. Bodie can be listened to while watching the sun set on the Iroise sea or the rain fall on the grave of a loved one. It is a sung poem, a condensed life, a deep feeling of of melancholic peace.